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Part Time Rangers

Part Time Rangers launched in 2018 with a simple mix of gin, lemon juice and sparkling water. That also began a mission for wildlife conservation; a pledge to donate 10% of profits from every drink to the corresponding animal on the can. With Africa losing 3 rhinos a day to poachers for their horns, they decided that was a good place to start. They created White Rhino and partnered with Saving The Wild to help take down the criminal animal poaching rings in South Africa. This was followed up with African Elephant which continues the fight by protecting African Elephants in Tanzania.

White Rhino Gin - White Rhino is crafted with only 3 natural ingredients. Made with delicious gin, a splash of real lemon juice, topped off with pure sparkling water. This simple mix has less than 1 gram of sugar, so it’s relatively guilt free too. It goes well on ice with a sprig of mint.

From every drink sold, 10% of profits are donated to Rhinos Without Borders – a charity focused on preserving and protecting rhino populations in Africa.

African Elephant Vodka - As the follow up of White Rhino, they created the ideal "vodka, lime and soda" for a Saturday afternoon in the sun. Again, only 3 natural ingredients; triple distilled vodka and real lime juice, topped off with pure sparkling water. Less than 1 gram of sugar too.

10% of profits from this beverage goes to the Big Life Foundation, an organization who continues to be extremely successful in the prevention of elephant poaching and management of the human-wildlife conflict.

Great White Shark Rum - The Great White Shark is made up of 4 ingredients - white rum, mixed with natural apple & lime juice, and topped off with pure sparkling water. It is a tropical, subtly sweet, ready to serve mix of goodness. It has less than 5 grams of sugar from the apple and lime juice, and contains no preservatives or nasties.

Part Time Rangers are working along side shark scientist Riley Elliott, to ensure sharks keep swimming. They will also contribute to various organisations cleaning up NZ waterways.

The Glenlivet - Original by Tradition
In the remote Livet Valley, Founder George Smith learned his craft.